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Do you know that the perfect activity enhances this ambition and makes work enjoyable even under the harshest conditions of everyday life?


Scientists from all over the world have found that workplace satisfaction has a positive impact on work performance, productivity and overall well-being, physical health and psyche. Each and everyone of us can have a very good workplace and we do not have to settle for mediocrity.


Necessary documents
  • CV,
  • certificate of equivalence of professional training for nurses according to EU Directive 36/2005,
  • criminal record,
  • medical certificate (download),
  • mandate(download),
  • certificates,
  • copy of Identity card,
  • application for authority (download),
  • if available – vaccination booklet

For your convenience we have prepared the possibility to download important documents. You will also find a list of the required documents necessary for the recognition.

Medical certificate – aerztliche_Bescheinigung

Medical certificate – samples – arztliche bescheinigung muster

Application for recognition – antrag auf anerkennung

How long can I stay in Germany, how long is the shortest time?

As a rule, the employment contracts are indefinite. It depends on how much time you want to spend in Germany. After five years of work in Germany, you receive the rights to the pension from the German pension system. For less than five years, only the time for your national pension insurance is calculated, taking into account the national minimum wage. For this reason, it is more profitable to work in Germany for more than five years, because the resulting benefits are generally higher than those which could be achieved at the same time due to the lower wage level in the home country.

What conditions do I have to meet to be hired?

Completed training as a nurse, radiologic technologist, physiotherapist, doctor

Where are taxes paid?

In Germany according to the applicable tax system.

How is the recruitment process?

After the employer has selected your candidacy and accepted your résumé, you will be invited to the employer for an interview at a certain location or you will be invited for a Skype interview. A personal interview with the employer will also include an internship on the same day. As a rule, the decision about an appointment and the possible appointment date is discussed on the same day, as well as the organizational issues with which an employee of our company will be involved.

Will I pay the travel expenses myself?

This question is individual and depends on the employer. Otherwise, the applicant pays the trip to the presentation date itself.

How is the trip organized?

This question must be resolved individually

What salaries can I expect?

The salary of a nurse starts in Germany at a minimum of 2,600 € per month (gross), the longer the professional experience and depending on the department the salaries rise to 3,800 € per month (gross) and up.

How fast can I begin to work?

This depends on the procedures on the side of the employer, usually between one week and one month after the decision.

What happens if I cannot agree with the staff of the Education Lounge GmbH about the personnel assignment?

Nothing, you are not responsible for an unfinished recruitment.

Do you raise any charges?

The only costs that arise are the costs of the authorities for the recognition of your professional qualification. These are currently between 100 € and 150 €. We will charge you for these costs after your employment. In addition, eventual translation costs of your original documents will be billed as far as necessary.

Can I come to the region in Germany that interests me?

Yes, with a restriction. We currently have only a few offers from East Germany. Current salaries in that region are still around 25%-30% lower. In addition, the larger cities in the west of Germany are developing in a much more dynamical way.

Can I accept a position for a short time as a substitute?

Unfortunately, no. Our employers are looking for candidates who are interested in full-time positions.

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